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Do you feel that your life is meaningful?

Life is what you make of it and, after working in project management for 7 years, I know it takes a few things to see a successful project through. It takes a strategy, persistence and a vision. My goal is to give you tools and build your confidence so that you can turn your vision into reality.

The key in achieving this is putting in effort, small steps every day. If we implement short-term day-to-day practises, our long term goals will be within reaching distance sooner than we expected. As your coach I will keep you focused on the tasks needed to create more purposeful and meaningful life.

As a Life, Career and Performance coach, my goal is to help you implement short-term, day-to-day practises to help you achieve your long-term goals.

So, are you ready?


You deserve to live a happy and meaningful life.

Coaching works and it will move your life to another level.

Why? Because once you know what you want from your life you will be able to maximise your potential in these areas. Coaching has a transformative effect on your life by encouraging you to realise how powerful you are in creating and embracing change.

Life can be busy. It can often feel impossible too or, maybe, not exactly what you had in mind. So, start by changing your world, one single day at a time, by showing up with a better understanding of your purpose. By having a better awareness of our purpose we can live with more self-esteem and in alignment with what we truly desire.

Working with Silvie has been truly life-changing. She's really understanding and supportive and it's easy to talk with her about anything. She helped me change my perspective and reframe my thoughts, behaviour and actions for bigger impact and better life. I could see a huge positive impact on my life straight after the first session and she helped me achieve some incredible results in the past couple of months!

Lenka Koppova, Social Media Consultant

Silvie is a fantastic life coach. Her advice and support have helped me tremendously. I would not have believed so much positive change was possible before I started my sessions, Thank you Silvie! I feel like the sessions helped me find answers to barriers I had built up, and they have not only impacted on my work life but my personal life as well. With patience and humour, Silvie guided me through the coaching process and shown me that I already had the answers to help me redefine my priorities and to move towards a more fulfilling career and life.

Emilie Cloup

I really enjoyed Silvie Francisci's coaching. Her questions were very incisive and made me focus on what stumbling blocks I was facing in the building of my business. I found her approach insightful and it has helped me challenge myself. I would happily recommend her.

Muriel Dahan, Laughter Yoga Cambridge

Coaching with Silvie was beneficial because it gave me the tools and techniques to see things in a different light. How to build positive outcomes in your work and life and how to think in a way that brings you the rewards you want. I believe this will make my life much richer in a lot of ways and I can aim for and achieve all my goals.

The Coaching Client

About me

The purpose of my life is to be a curious, ambitious, energetic and joyful woman courageously leading with patience, igniting change in people's lives for them to live more meaningful and purposeful life they desire while supporting my dearest and closest with attention and love.

Before becoming a certified coach I was project manager, teacher and piano player. I work with people who lived in other countries as I've lived in 4 of them (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and now I am based in Cambridge, UK).

Coaching helped me achieve more than I thought I was capable of and I have discovered a world of new possibilities. And now I would love to bring this experience to you.

Whether it's your career or relationships, I offer individual sessions to help you get where you desire to be.

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So, are you ready to move your life to another level?

I would love to hear your story and help you reach your full potential.

Many people reached their dreams faster after coaching with me and so if you are still wondering whether coaching with me is a right fit for you, I would like to invite you to the first free online consultation where you can find out more.

Are you ready to move your life to another level? Whether it’s your personal or professional life, during the introduction consultation we will look at what matters to you the most. Here is my offer and please contact me in the form on the right.


45 minutes for £48 / package of 4 for £144
‍1 hour for £78 / package of 4 for £234
2 hours for £98 / package of 4 for £294

- Free initial consultation
Package of 4 sessions for the price of 3 sessions.

Please contact me if you are looking for different options.

Live your life with more energy, meaning and confidence.

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