3+1 Strategies For Making Your Dreams a Reality

May 3, 2020
Silvie Francisci

A habit that will resonate with you for the rest of your life is more important than you can imagine. 

Think about it this way. Most of the people want to live a happy life and I am sure you too, right? So they dream and set goals to achieve it. And what often happens is that the amazing life seems to be so far in the future, even impossible that they stop because the dream is too big. So here is a small tweak you can add to your dreams, starting by answering one question: What can I do every day, every day and again every day, in order to come closer to my dream? If you do not know straight away, do not worry, make a plan, write it down on the sheet of paper and keep it with notes or in your calendar.

By the way if you do not have the notebook near you, here is a trick. Next time when you are shopping, buy a 500 sheet photo copier paper. It may not work for everyone but at least there is no excuse. Just remember to use paperclips or other “sewing” tools to keep those precious thoughts together! Yes, you hear me right, your precious thoughts.

Once you know what you can do to get closer to your dream, you need to schedule it or in other words, put it into a calendar. And if you do not have a calendar, I am sure you can buy a basic one very soon.

The next step is once in 7 days revise your actions by looking at the whole week and see where you did well and where not. 

And the last thing, in order to train your brain, you need to reward yourself for your actions.

So in other words: Plan, Schedule and Reward every day and once in 7 days Revise.

Let’s say for example you want to learn how to cook meals with more vegetables. 

Planning1: You will go to the shop and buy these vegetables.

Planning2: Schedule in the calendar every day when you will eat one piece of vegetable (carrot, tomato, piece of lettuce, cucumber, pepper, raw or cooked whatever you like).

Doing: Every day you eat this one piece of vegetable. I would recommend doing it at the same time (like at 7:30 with breakfast ) but the time can vary.

Reward: you will thank your brain for reminding you and yourself for eating one piece of vegetable by any favourite activity like drinking your favourite tea, going for a brisk walk, watching or reading for 20 min or just having a nap.

Revise: On Sunday, you will look into the calendar and see how many times you have eaten that piece of vegetable and also you will see how many times you have rewarded yourself with treats.

If one piece of vegetable is easy, then the next week, you can eat two pieces or maybe even make a salad. What this simple technique does is that first of all you can apply it with any dream you have and add any relevant action to do every day, for example if you like to be more fit, learn a new skill, get a certification, buy a house, meet the love of your life or just live a happy and full life.

No doubt that it would not be easy at the beginning and yes you will find yourself in situations where you did not do what you promised to yourself. However what we aim for is progress not perfection. What we want here is you feeling satisfied and optimistic about the goals you're going to reach and every day you are making it more possible because the path towards them is shorter. 

Start small and do it every day, step by step and you will reach your goals.

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