Feeling Lost? Here Are 3 Proven Techniques How To Get Back On Track

May 10, 2020
Silvie Francisci
Have you ever wondered how it is possible that you got away from your dreams and goals so far and you do not quite understand how that happened? Or one day you talked to a friend or colleague who asked about your goal or dream and you did not know how to answer because you remembered vaguely where you finished? Welcome to the world of procrastinators!

Getting off the path that leads to our goals or dreams is something that happens to each of us, the difference is how quickly we get back, back on that path. Here are 3 ways that will help you stay on the track, play your game fully and reach your goals and dreams.


This practise is best done in the morning, right upon we wake up or before we go to bed. Also we can practise during meditation, prayer or during the day when we close our eyes and just let our imagination flow for only a minute or two. During visualisation, the most important thing to focus on are feelings that we experience when we achieve the dream or goal. So for example if we want to get a job, we visualise feeling accomplished at work, we visualise feeling supported by a team of colleagues that we go for lunch with or work on a project or even we visualise feeling excited about our dream salary on our bank account. This way we teach our brain, precisely subconscious mind, to go after our goal or dream, because we associate the dream or goal with positive feelings. We still need to send a CV and prepare for an interview to get the job offer, however with visualisation it gets much easier because we know that “getting the job feels good” and so it is easier for us to get the real work done and that’s why we are more likely to stay on track.


Studies show that more than 95% of our thoughts are processed by our unconscious mind. Journaling which is similar to writing a diary is a way to deal with our thoughts better because we gain more perspective. If we write down what we think of or even ask questions and then write down the answers, we can see our thoughts, which means we can work with them as well as distance from. And we can go further. If we read our thoughts out loud or say them to someone we can hear them. Also, we can feel them better, as you know words can bring pleasure as well as pain. But first we need to write them down. Leaving our thoughts spinning in our head can lead to unnecessary spiralling to the future or to the past which is harder to control the longer we think. Can you see how many ways we have to work with our valuable thoughts? 

As you know, our beliefs create thoughts, our thoughts create emotions and our emotions lead to our behaviour. So if we want to get back on track, journaling helps us to stay focused, be aware of our thoughts and what we want to achieve. 

Take a small action every day

”Every day” has become a new mantra for me since I was first fascinated with it and saw the results it brings. It is simple: the way we live every day we live our life. So if you want to achieve anything in life you need to take action every day towards it. Full stop. The power of “every day” is bigger than “every Tuesday” or “every month” especially as we know well, life does not always go as planned so even though we plan the activity that day, something critical comes up so eventually we do not do it. However the most important thing is to have the intention there: plan it, schedule it in your calendar and execute it as much as we can. By doing it every day we make it a priority in your brain, update the “database” of our subconscious mind and once the habit is created then it is easy for our brain to “remind” us about the thing we planned, scheduled and wanted to do.

For example if you want to run 10 km, the first thing is to know when is your run, then schedule running during the week and then put on the running kit and go running. I am not saying you need to run every day but rather doing something related to it. For example during the days you do not run, exercising is a good option, strengthening your muscles during the day and in the evening, paying closer attention to what you eat and drink. You can also run with friends or family, you can join running forums, read or learn about the physiology of running and how you can run faster or safer and so on. Like with any goal, there are plenty of options you have as well as things you can do every day so that you stay on track and make your dreams and goals come true.

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