3 Questions to Ask If You Want to Change Your Beliefs

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October 24, 2021
Silvie Francisci

Do you believe in yourself?

And if so, do you believe that you can believe in yourself even more?

To illustrate this a bit better, let’s start with a topic that is taught in school. For example if we believe that the earth is round it is because there are numerous studies and research that was done to confirm that. But did you know that there is a small group of people who believe that the earth is flat? Despite what they learned in school this group has their own belief.

When we are young we believe what our parents and teachers tell us, we have no other choice as we are too young to form our own opinion. Later we realise that certain things can be done differently and that we can change things as well; what a liberation! Finally we realise that we can rewrite most of the beliefs if not all of them if we want to. With some of them it will be more difficult, with others it will happen already after a few days. And suddenly we realise how wonderful life can be when we start living it in alignment with our soul and our purpose, keeping those beliefs that serve us and getting rid of beliefs that are nor. I was recently meeting a friend with a little baby less than 1 year old and she shared her concern about bringing the baby to the nursery in comparison when the baby is with the childminder at home. The main difference is that with a childminder, the baby sleeps and eats when needed while in the nursery there is a routine. How does this relate to beliefs? If we take this metaphor - that routine in nursery is the beliefs that we have been taught by the society or family which do not necessarily reflect what we want inside and what our soul wants.

We have to strip it down to the soul level to discover what we really want and need in life. Like me, I have moved from one country to another in order to follow my soul and I know that this was the right thing to do in my life. My soul and your soul, they are looking for expansion and that's why when our inner world and outer world do not match, we suffer. There is a caveat towards this because I am not saying that all the beliefs that society and family gives us are wrong, not at all. But we need to allow some time for self-discovery, to work on who we we and what we want in life. I strongly believe that self-love and self-care is like taking the mirror and looking inside and asking what is in there? Is this who I want to be in life? Where is my life heading? This is crucial. As our values change our beliefs change as well and so monitoring where we stand with our beliefs is important to livev a meaningful life with purpose.

I would like you to ask these questions:

What is something you believed in 5 year ago which is not true now?
What is something you believed in 1 year ago which is not true anymore?
What do you believe about the area of life you are struggling the most and would like to see an improvement there?

These are powerful questions because they show you how your beliefs change and how you can change your beliefs to live the life you want and deserve. As Marisa Peer would say, Impossible means “I'm possible” and it is so true! You can change your beliefs so you can change your thoughts, your emotions, your actions and your life. So start there. Start with your beliefs and you will see the change in your life happening very soon.

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