3 Smart Techniques That Help You With Productivity - Part 1

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January 24, 2021
Silvie Francisci

How to stay productive these days? That’s a question that many of us are asking right now considering the winter season when the temperatures are rather climbing down and with the mornings being still dark.

On the other hand I welcome the fact that we stay indoors more because this is a period to reflect greatly on our goals, checking how we are doing with the New Year’s resolutions that we made a few weeks ago and prepare for the whole year ahead.

Usually these days I also read books that I have not had time to read the whole year and slow down a bit with reflection.

On Sundays I do my weekly review, where I look at all the things that happened the past week, reviewing my actions against goals and “play” in my head the week day by day to see in which areas of my life I need more improvement and where things are going according to the plan.

This is one of the three productivity techniques I would like to share with you in this blogpost.

It sounds pretty easy, right? The reason why I am recommending doing a weekly review is that by “looking back” you will allow yourself to feel how much you have achieved (confidence boost) and what could be improved next week (challenge). It also gives you perspective on where you are with achieving your goals, when the “surprising” distractions happen and how you can better manage your time and resources in general. Some of you reading this article attend religious ceremonies on Sundays (these days online) and I would say that weekly review may go hand in hand with it. 

The second technique I have for you is to be utterly honest with yourself in terms of how you sleep, exercise, eat, drink, learn, love ourselves and others. I can already hear some of you saying “I should have done….” or ””I wish I could have time for “xyz” as much I wanted to...etc. And you know what? That’s ok because where the awareness is the solution can come in, if you invite it. So just take a piece of paper, write down these activities and rate or comment on them how you think you are doing. Once you do it, the next step is to schedule in your calendar for a few upcoming weeks what specific steps you are going to take to improve any of these areas. And then schedule a 1:1 appointment in a month with yourself to review these and measure your productivity.

And the last technique is rewarding yourself and celebrating small and mainly difficult successes. With any new task or goal, the initial enthusiasm fades away pretty soon. And therefore it is important to celebrate when you complete a difficult milestone, a complicated task on your journey towards your goal. It does not have to be a big one, but celebrating yourself for a tough one makes the difference because in very simple words, by doing this you will feel that it is worth to keep going after the dream and this way you will feel more motivated and therefore be more productive.

I believe that the more distracted as well as isolated we are the more we need to focus on what matters in life and reflect on how we live every day to stay grounded and keep the inner peace. And so let’s start doing some actions towards that. Dear reader, let’s start today.

Check my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9rFLl0r_lk

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