Feeling Overwhelmed? Here are 7 Strategies on How to Stay Strong

May 31, 2020
Silvie Francisci

Today’s blog is going to be a bit different than previous ones because I am going to share with you some well being tips.

Have you been asking yourself recently, what’s next? How do I feel about today and how am I getting back to my normal? Are you anxious about getting back to your new normal?

Recently I have been thinking about the level of anxiety in our society, how we can help each other and how we are coping with the stress. For many of us it has been more than 2 months staying at home under lockdown so many of us developed or have developed certain strategies on how to cope with the current situation.

Here below I have created a list of things that help me to deal with this situation and I am sure will help you too to get the results we want and to feel a better, full and happy life.

You do your best to:

Sleep so that you wake up fresh.

Choose people you like spending time with so that you feel more connected.

Eat more of what is fresh and colourful and drink water so that you feel energised.

Breathe so that you feel alive.

Walk every day so that you connect with your body.

Meditate or pray so that you feel calm.

Ask for help and visualise so that you stay connected with your goals and dreams.

As you already know, my motto is start small and do it every day.

And if you make a mistake, forgive yourself and just try again.

Not easy but simple as that.

We live in a world where every day we have the opportunity to start again and we can shape how we live by looking into the mirror and asking ourselves: What do I want to create today? Who do I want to be? Do you know how many people are still looking for these answers? They need a bit more of our thinking but they are worth asking. If you already have the answer, give it a go after you walk away from the mirror.

These days when many of us are striving and focusing on what is the most important in our lives or maybe just doing the essentials, let me remind you that you still have time to learn how to structure the day and follow the schedule rather than emotions. Why? Because it is never late to learn these things. Life is a gift and so get the most of it!

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