The High 5 Habit explained for you to be stronger every day

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October 11, 2021
Silvie Francisci

Let me ask you this question: Who has your back? Who is crossing their fingers and supporting you every day? It’s amazing to have loving and supportive people around you but what if the person that you often are not supporting you is you?

I would like to introduce you to the High 5 Habit which from the outside means that you are giving yourself “high 5” in the mirror. It may sound simple, weird or confusing but it is better than you think and I would explain it in just a moment.

And before you say “no”, this high 5 habit has been based on the research and tested by more than 100 thousand people all over the world.

So how can this habit bring more inner strength to you?

If you want to feel more confident, more peaceful, stronger in your everyday life for free just by doing this gesture a few times per day, this is a way to go. 

When I did high 5 for the first time it felt weird and you will probably feel similar so be prepared for it; it is normal for you to feel this way at the beginning. Why?


  • We look into the mirror and we see all the mistakes and critics there. We wish to be more beautiful, younger, did this instead of that or basically we would change various things about us.

Now with The High 5 Habit...

  • We look in the mirror and we give support to the person we see in the mirror and so we literally step up by acknowledging and appreciating who we are now.

  • We smile, raise the hand which changes the energy in our body and sends a signal to our brain to keep going and be nice and kind to ourselves.

As simple as it sounds, as easy as it is, it will have a big change on your life for sure. You will no longer be avoiding mirrors but rather seeking them to give yourself that support that smile on your face that will set you up for the next part of your day. Isn't that amazing?

I do it first thing in the morning and in the evening, then a few times during the day.

In the times where many of us struggle with procrastination, finding time for the things we promised we will do or other times we wish we spoke up at that meeting and feel more confident, this is a habit for you. A habit that will bring you more success and support to you.

Again, It is going to feel awkward fo the first time because according to Mel Robbins:

  1. You are changing the habit (and as we know changing habits requires time).
  2. We see in the mirror reflection of all the baggage, trauma and regrets from the past.
  3. Hands in the air symbolize celebration of your every little step while what we usually do is we wait to celebrate until we achieve all those things.

I have made a video about the high 5 habit and you can watch it here:

You can read about it more here:

High 5 for a better life!

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