How To Find Peace And Joy When It Seems Impossible

April 18, 2020
Silvie Francisci

“When things are not going the way we want there is a way to find hope.”

It’s been my fourth week working from home and it has not been as bad as someone may expect. According to Dr. Maxwell Maltz it takes “a minimum of about 21 days” for people to develop a habit and I believe it proved to be the case.

How often do you think you cannot do something that seems to be too difficult and after you have done it, it was not that difficult as it seemed at the beginning? You see, this is similar to finding peace and joy in these “never happened before” times.

Think about it this way: staying at home for a few weeks requires a massive amount of strength and energy from you to develop new habits or routines. In other words your brain needs to adapt to this “new situation”, a situation which you have not chosen but which was literally “ordered” to you. In addition these times have an impact not only on your life but on the life of your family and friends, many of them living in distant places in the world which I agree does not make it any easier, especially when we live in the world where connection and things are “only a click” away.

So how can you find peace and joy in such a situation? It is easier than you think. Look at it from the perspective of gratitude - how much you have achieved so far and how much love you have given and received by now? Take this opportunity and look at where you are now, where you live, what your relationships are and how you contribute to society in general. Your brain may come up with all the things you have not done yet but let’s leave it for another time. How thankful can you be? Look at what you have, what you do and who you are. And even though your brain is telling you what you still can have, can do and can be (which is awesome as your dreams matter) the trick to find peace and joy in the current situation is to be grateful for the place in your life where you are now. 

So let me celebrate you for being able to deal with this apparently “impossible” situation in life the best you can and keep being grateful for what you have, do and who you are in order to find peace and joy in your life.

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