How to Successfully Make the Most of Your First Days at Work (Not Only For Manic Mondays)

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September 3, 2022
Silvie Francisci

When we come back from the holidays we are often full of energy, new experiences and new achievements, after meeting new people and coming home happy and charged. Something shifts at the time we realise that it is now time to go back to do the work, connect with our goals, obligations and professional life.

It does not take you long to realise that this causes a slump in the mood, we may start to be grumpy, sad or concerned whether we will be doing a good job at our job.

That’s why I have prepared for you a few things you can doing to start your new chapter successfully.

There are 3 phases and in each of it are 2 steps.

Phase 1


Prepare, think through/visualise, expect issues

*connect, share, listen*

Phase 2

In the moment

Forgive yourself and reward yourself

*connect, share, listen*

Phase 3


Review the past event, be kind and gentle to yourself

*connect, share, listen*

As you understand this is a cycle which you can repeat and do daily. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed and in these moments you want to remember the mantra *connect, share, listen*. It is irrelevant who you speak to, whether it is Universe/God, your parent, sibling, friend, colleague, student, client, partner or a newly met person.

Make the most of the present moment and of the situation so that you can learn from it and apply it in the future.

I wish you all the best and good luck with your next move.

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