How to Trust Your Life. More.

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February 21, 2021
Silvie Francisci

How often do you feel worried about your work, relationships and in general what would happen in the future? Do you believe that trust is something we can build in our life with time? 

Past is a situation that we cannot change and the future is unpredictable. The only thing that we can impact and change is "now" therefore breathing is so important because it centers us in the present moment. Breathing helps us being mindful and with time we learn how to switch off the “chatter” in our mind.

We live in a dual world, night and day, good and bad, success and failure, sadness and happiness, hunger and saturation etc. Although we have a choice how we react to the situations that life “tests” us with, this gives us hope that life is eventually good and what once was bad will be good again. This is the same with working and resting, with breathing in and out, with routine tasks or “being in the flow” when we really forget what the time or the next meal is. Balance is the key and the whole life we strive for it. But balance does not mean 50:50; it means to look for and maintain the right proportions of the ups and downs in the dual world.

Let me share me with you few examples when my trust was tested the most. In my 20s it was moving to another country and starting my life from scratch. After making it for the first time I did it 2 more times – I survived and I am very happy with my life now. When I did not have enough money to start my own business I started it anyway because I believed that it is worth it and that it would help people. When I was looking for a job and kept being rejected or shortlisted as "the second candidate". When my boyfriend broke up with me and violated the trust between us. All these situations helped me to grow mentally and become stronger. The biggest lesson I learned looking back was how to be grateful for life and appreciate what I had. As the old truth says, “we appreciate what we have once we lose it”, so take your time to look regularly how you live and be thankful for everything you have and who you are – it will help you to live fully and also generate more in life.

So how can you trust your life more? In other words how do we know that we are on the right path? And what are the signals that we are not on the right one? The first thing is to be in alignment with your goals, then tapping into your intuition and connecting with your soul. Does what I do bring me satisfaction even though working on it is hard? I cannot emphasise more how important it is to track progress in your life, be the creator or be in the driving seat rather than on the opposite side. You can track the progress by regularly scheduling meetings with you and doing the review. Most of us do it on the New Year´s or for their birthdays which many times ends up with wishful thinking. So the number one way to gain more trust in life is to trust that life is good, to be clear about the goals and making regular checks to track the progress.

You are not alone. Even though your parents may not want you to be here or you are sometimes asking yourself why is this happening to me, there is a reason that such event happened to you which you will see from the perspective. Our rational mind wants to find the logic and the answers immediately but there may not be any yet. We can ask others and process our thinking and feelings with them. Or we can ask ourselves what the Universe or God wanted to say to us through this event and then listen carefully. Maybe through journaling you will hear the answer and this will help you to heal your wound. Trust your inner wisdom.

We gain more trust also by accepting the situation we face if we cannot change it or leave, and it is related to trusting the process. By loving ourselves despite hardships we honour our struggles and this increases the trust in our abilities to handle the same situation again. On our way we can ask for help but at the end of the day it is on us to fight the battle and to live our life. As we go through life winning and losing, in other words as we become stronger, our trust in our abilities and skills grows and we start trust others and life more. The reward of trusting more in life is higher level of satisfaction, happiness and better relationships. Working on your goals and living in alignment with your future leads to trusting more and discovering the true beauty of life. Life is simply more beautiful when we trust more in it. And I am sure you can do it.

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