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February 21, 2021
Silvie Francisci

How often do you feel afraid, worried about your work, relationship and in general what would happen in the future? Do you feel that this is something inevitable in your life or do you feel that this is something that you can impact? 

Past is a situation that we cannot change and the future is unpredictable. The only thing that we can impact and change is the present moment, therefore breathing is so important because it centers us in the present moment. Breathing is related to being mindful and with exercise, with switching off the “chatter” in our mind, the constant flow of thoughts.

We live in a dual world, night and day, good and bad, success and failure, sadness and happiness, hunger and fullness etc. This gives us a hope that life is eventually good and what once was bad will be good. We have in most cases a choice how we react to the situations that life “tests” us and what we can do about each of its peaks.

This is the same with work and rest, with breathing, exercising and thinking or “being in the flow” when we really forget what the time and the next meal is. Balance is the key and the whole life we are striving for it. But balance does not mean 50:50, it means to find, secure and work on the right of the proportions of the peaks of the dual world. 

Let me tell you that moving to another country and starting your life from scratch is not easy. When I did not have enough money to start my own business I started it anyway because I believed that it is worth it and that helps people. Or wearing second hand clothes because I did not have money to buy new ones. These situations verify that we really need to live a life that is satisfactory for us, it checks our needs and wants. I have lived a few times in scarcity and it always helped me to grow mentally. The biggest lesson I learned looking back was that it has taught me how to be grateful for life and appreciate what I had. As the old truth says, “we appreciate what we have when we lose it”. So take your time to look regularly how you live and be thankful for everything you have and who you are.

And why am I writing all these? Because you matter. The life we live has not been won in a lottery or has not been found on the street. It has been given to us and we must live it with its beauties and tragedies.

You are smart, beautiful and will achieve great things in life when you realise that you and your life matter.

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