Little Voice Within Versus The Ego

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November 9, 2021
Silvie Francisci

Are you listening to the little voice within or to the loud voice? 

It is sometimes hard for us to make the decision especially when we know that one option is better than the other but one option takes more work than the other.

Recently I have been interviewed by Valeria Tales from Fit For Joy and here is my answer to which voice to listen to.

The inner inner wisdom and the little voice within us it's already here. We don't have to create it. It's already within us. What I have experienced is usually the intuition is the little voice within exactly so it is the silence, it is the whispering right and if each of us lived every time based on it, I think we will live completely differently for sure. Ego in our mind is very loud and likes to shout and many times unfortunately, it silences the little voice within because we think that actually this is the right way to do. Well, the ego may be saying “go left”, but the inner voice is saying “no, go right”, that's actually the right path. So I believe that part of finding the balance or the harmony in life and the purpose and meaning is realising what ego is, how it sounds. It's not only the inner critic, it's something that is much more powerful. What has been actually the biggest discovery for me, especially during the lockdown, as probably a lot of us experienced that because we had been given the opportunity to reflect and to be more with our thoughts, is zooming out. So once we are able really to understand what is happening and who is speaking, whether it's the little voice or it's the ego, we become the third person, the observer, or in other words someone who is looking from the bird's eye view, rather than being inside the mind and discussing it. I think that's something that can shift our life in a completely different direction because we realise, oh, now it's actually the inner voice but that time, when that thought came to me, that was actually the ego speaking. And so that's why I strongly believe and I really encourage people to do journaling, or writing the diary because what helped me and what helped a lot of people was once they put the thoughts on the paper, you look at it from the distance, you look at it from the perspective and in addition to the fact that it actually helps your mind create more space in your thinking, the memory or the thought is on the paper already so you don't have to think about it. And this way you gain also more clarity on what to do next. So, journaling is something that I practice every day. I really encourage people to do it, because it's something that actually gives you perspective and creates that space that we need to make the right decisions in life.

You can listen to the whole interview here:

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