My Evening Routine and Why It Matters

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December 22, 2021
Silvie Francisci

How different is it to my morning routine? Not very but it is more in the reverse order.

Brendon Burchard introduced 3-2-1 rule which means that 3 hours before you go to sleep you do not eat, 2 hours before going to bed you stop working and 1 hour before sleep there is no screen time. This is easy to remember and it works miracles as it prepares you to fall asleep easily and it makes you feel refreshed.

My evening routine is simple. After having dinner, I plan the next day, I journal a bit, write down my goals and read out my affirmations. I usually do Sudoku and read a few pages from the book, using a timer to make it easier for me to know how long I was reading plus I know that I have read enough that day. It may sound a bit too rigorous but I would rather read 5 pages than none.

Planning the next day helps me to prepare and to release any ideas and tasks that I have for the next day or week. Usually things look a bit “gloomier” in the evening than in the morning and so it is a good idea to write them down and create more space for other thoughts and tasks that need to be done.

Before I leave the room, I cheer myself in front of my bathroom mirror with “high 5” and add a few supportive and praising sentences for the day.

After that I do evening meditation by Marissa Peer, Andrew Johnson or Kim Eng which calms my mind. The last thing before going to bed is short stretching. This routine helps me to fall asleep immediately because while stretching I am focusing on my breath/body and so I am not thinking. As you can see, both body and mind relaxation have their benefits. 

One thing I want to share with you is to use audio recorded messages. So whenever I have an idea or another to-do thing comes to my mind, if I cannot write it down, I record it on my phone and later revisit it. It is a great way to organise things and make them happen. It is also a good idea to keep your mind open for new ideas!

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