My Morning Routine and Why I Do It

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November 21, 2021
Silvie Francisci

As the days are becoming shorter and it's harder to get up from the warm bed I wanted to share with you my morning routine that has been serving me well and that motivates me to embrace every new day.

After my alarm clock rings (usually at the same time and waking me up with the melody-box sound), I get up, open the window, have a glass of water, go the bathroom and do two things that I have learned form Mel Robbins: I put one of my hands on the heart area and the other one on the stomach area, gently pushing and repeating this mantra several times: “I am ok, I am safe and I am loved”. This is like you were hugging yourself and the reason behind is that you calm down your parasympathetic nervous system that helps you to relax your body and then brain. Then I do “High 5” in front of the mirror and seal an action item that I plan to do that day with this “high 5'' gesture”.

After that I make my bed, close the window, sit down and meditate. Usually I listen to Marisa Peer and her meditations on YouTube or I listen to Andrew Johnson on the Insight Timer app (both offline as they are downloaded). This gives me that sense of peace and calm I need and sets me for this day. After that I either do a short morning yoga class of Yoga with Adriene or I do Morning warm-up by Codziennie Fit (translated as “Every day in a good shape”) with Marta. After that I have a shower finishing up with a 2 min cold shower, get dressed and then I eat breakfast followed by preparing for the day: I use high-performance planner, my diary and affirmations. And only then, and this is important, I connect my phone to the internet and listen to “Daily Fire '' by Brendon Burchard or to some of his podcasts for about 10 min, reply to messages and listen to news.

So as you can see, there is a lot of preparation going on in the morning which pays off very much during the day because I am more calm, assertive, able to control my thoughts and emotions during the day. Days are more enjoyable because I have invested time in the morning and so I feel the day more. I am more mindful or generally aware of the actions that I take and feel more in control and saying “no” to things that are not relevant is easier. This is important because if you want to stay on the path and achieve your goals you need to say “no” to certain things in order to say “yes” to others. That is also a recipe of achieving success – taking the steps that matter and are aligned with what you want and need. Because if you don’t know what you want and need, people and the world will easily tell you that but you may not like it if you look back on your life.

If you asked me what influenced my life the most from the morning routine, I would say that checking my phone at the end and not the first thing as well as practising meditation gives me that feeling of peace, spiritual connection and by living in the present moment also happiness.

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