Number One Thing That Will Help You Recharge

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August 30, 2021
Silvie Francisci

I met a girl once who did not know what to do next in life and wasn't very happy.

She wanted to change something but did not know what exactly. We met a few times for a coffee and I started to have a feeling that she was getting better. Was it because of the meetings with me or was it because something else changed in her life? So I asked at one of our meetings. She told me she wanted to feel the connection with another person, she wanted to share her thoughts with someone who would give her space to speak because she did not have anyone to speak to. Do you already know what she was looking for? If not I will tell you; she was looking for a “connection”. So simple and so rare at the same time in our distracted world, right?


If you imagine that our body is made of energy and energy is defined as the capacity to perform work then recharging is something that we need to do in order to “keep going”. Some people also use analogy with batteries - when the battery gets flat, it cannot perform or do anything. Whenever I felt tired, alone, abandoned, rejected, exhausted, confused, puzzled or had some other negative emotions, what helped me the most was to reconnect with myself or with others, in order words, taking an action. Even though I only felt like lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling it did not lead to anything because my thoughts started spiraling and I started blaming myself about the situation etc. Even taking a nap was better than just doing nothing.

If our body is like a battery and we need to “charge it” we can either connect with ourselves or with other people. One of the ways to connect to yourself is to be kind to yourself and do the things that help you to find the balance and restore the body, mind and soul. Look after your needs, especially if you are a woman because if you are reading this blog post it means that you are an interested and interesting person who likes to grow and learn new things. As you know you can always do a bit more of the self-care but even if you do not feel like it at the moment, think about the next 10-20 years and how this would impact your wellness and self-confidence. And if you really feel like doing nothing, at least write it down in your calendar when you next do it which makes me sometimes realise how simple this task is and as Nike says, I will just do it. And then enjoy the dopamine release and satisfaction of completed task afterwards. Another way is to say it is this: the more you procrastinate the harder it is to actually do it so take action now and live the life of your dreams.

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