One Technique on How to Share Your Dream With Your Partner

June 28, 2020
Silvie Francisci

You will hear me saying that it is important to visualise your dream every day so that the dream stays with you and you keep connecting to it. Have you ever noticed that when you think about the dream it will make you smile? Standing on the stage in front of hundreds of people and sharing with them my story, having breakfast in front of the house with the view on the lake or travelling every month to a different place, these are some of my dreams. And every time I think about them they make me smile. If you are smiling when you are thinking about your dreams then great - this is a sign that you are connected to them and it will help you to move closer to them and make them come true.

In relationships, sharing your deepest dreams with other people can feel first of all scary and at the same time liberating. If you are in an early stage of the relationship with someone you may have a tendency to hide your dreams because you are afraid that you will be rejected or your partner may even laugh at your dream. Does it sound familiar? I have been there myself. Is it worth risking? If you want to get closer to your partner trust me it is worth doing it. If you feel a bit afraid, what helped me was to write my dream down, rehearse it in my head or out loud first and then share my dream with my partner.

We can try it now together. Let’s visualise your dream. Let’s take 3 deep breaths, inhale and exhale and before you close your eyes, think about something that you really would like to make happen, something that you really want to achieve. If you stay with your dream for a while in your mind and if you feel your dream, you will see that when you open your eyes you are smiling. This is a fabulous start for sharing your dreams with your partner, it can make you feel vulnerable and at the same time it may help to deepen your emotional connection with your partner. This does not mean that your partner will always like the dream you share, it can be something completely opposite that he or she thinks and dreams of. But by knowing your partner, share your dream slowly, gently, step by step. This may also work the opposite way and they may open up to you and share their dream with you. If you have not tried it yet, it is never too late. Choose a moment when you feel comfortable, try it and let me know how it worked for you.

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