Are You Afraid of Making a Big Decision? This Simple Technique Will Help You

July 5, 2020
Silvie Francisci

Have you ever wondered how it works that some people are able to make better and more informed decisions? And if so, is there something that you can do about it?

I would like to share with you one simple technique if you like to have better focus and live a happy and full life.

I am using it when I have an important decision to make, when I have too many things on my mind or feel overwhelmed and when I need more confidence that things will go the right way. It is simply a writing-down technique, or I call it “download technique”.

Download technique means that you sit down with a few sheets of paper and a pen with no disruptions and write down what is on your mind without correcting it.

I call it a “download technique” because it is similar to downloading a file from the internet to your laptop or mobile phone, but instead of downloading the file you are writing down your thoughts from your mind to a sheet of paper.

Another way of using it is when you are going to have a difficult conversation with a person or just want to say something more personal to this person that may not be easy, what I do in this situation is I use this download technique and write a letter to this person who I am going to speak to. You do not have to send this letter, you may like to bin it or even burn it if you do not feel like sending it to that person. The best part of this is that once you “download” your thoughts from your mind you will:

  • feel an instant ease and that you made space for new thoughts
  • gain a fresh perspective and clarity on the situation
  • be able to see the situation with your own eyes
  • feel less emotional or tense because you will get more familiar with your thoughts
  • get more connected with your thoughts and evaluate whether they bring you joy and happiness or something completely opposite to your life
  • be able to choose your thoughts better because once they are on the paper they become more familiar to you.

If you like to go a step further I would recommend dividing the sheet of paper into 2 parts where on the left side you write “minus” and on the right “plus” and you will be able to arrange your thoughts based on what effect they have on you and your life. Another way of doing this is to start writing down 1,2,3 etc. and to each number you add a thought that is meaningful to you. Or you can always use the simplest way which was mentioned earlier and that is a non-structured way, writing down anything that comes to your mind.

I particularly like the A4 white print/copy paper because the white space enables me to let my thoughts flow naturally but you can also use paper with lines or anything similar.

This download technique is not exactly journaling because it is something that you do deliberately do on a regular basis. Download technique can be used when you feel fear, worry, doubt, when you stand in front of the big decision and the aim is to help you to make more powerful decisions. Something that you do not want to leave for the last minute, right?

If you feel that this download technique can be useful for you, please try the technique and let me know how it helped you. 

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