Three Ways to Feel Better Every Day

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March 26, 2022
Silvie Francisci

How many times do we think that we need to make a big step to change how we feel every day? I am about to share with you what I am doing every day that helps me to enjoy my life even more. The ingredients of this recipe are: awareness of holistic approach and 3 practices.

First I would focus on the basics because once you get them, you can then easily build on them.

However, before I reveal them, here is one warning. Distractions, interruptions, various offers, feeling tired and negative emotions may get in your way so do not be surprised when they come. It is our job to be aware of these and get back on track, in other words, stay on our path.

The number one thing that would change your life and make you feel better every day is to look after your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual element of your life.

It is in those moments we are out of sync, when we are neglecting one or more of these areas that we start getting off our path. So what I mean is to keep in mind and contribute daily to these 4 areas because then you will feel more satisfaction, peace, harmony, meaning and joy in life.

So let me describe these briefly.

  • Body (senses) – choosing healthy diet, exercise and sleep
  • Mind (thoughts) – learning, reading, writing, teaching and planning
  • Heart (emotions) – connecting with family, friends, empathy, connection with the outside world
  • Spirit (supernatural) – journaling, meditation, gratitude, music, art

= Expanding Soul (inner bei

Getting these 4 areas in balance is a key to a happy and fullfilled life.

Earlier I have also promised 3 practices to help you with that so here they are.

Daily and weekly review 

By keeping harmony in all of these 4 areas (mind, heart, body and spirit) we can check if we feel out of balance. We can design our life by adding regular activities so that we keep in balance. The best way is to set a time every day and week and reflect on the time passed and then plan the next day and week ahead.

Personally this tactic made a huge impact on my life. I believe the more people use reflection, the easier it will be for them to change their life.

"In the moment "check

When you feel out of balance, in that particular moment, develop a practice to run in your head the list of all 4 of these things in order to find which area to focus on and then take action. Do you sometimes feel like not taking action now? You know well that the more you postpone it, the more difficult it will be to do it later. So as Nike says, "Just do it"

We change every day whether we want to or not and the world is changing  as well. We are getting more awareness, more understanding on how life works every day and so don't let your past determine your future. Take the time in the present, make “in the moment” checks, reflect daily and weekly and you will feel better every day.

So are you ready to move your life to the next level?

Live your life with more energy and confidence.

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