When Taking a Break Sounds Impossible, Do This

June 7, 2020
Silvie Francisci

Do you think that there is anything more important in our intensive lives than to take a break?

Sometimes we feel like we need a break but we cannot seem to get one. What is the reason? Is that because of our families, spouses, friends, colleagues, acquaintances or people in the world? Or maybe because of the career or household we are in? You are close. You have probably heard that people around us treat us the way we allow them to treat us which is related to how we set boundaries. In relationships it is simple: if another person wants you to be happy, why wouldn't he or she allow you to have a break? As a reward we gain fresh perspective and return back more relaxed and ready for new challenges. So take the courage inside you and speak up for yourself.

I would like to invite you to see “a break” as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, with your goals, dreams, with anything that is important to you which hopefully you are aware of in life. And perhaps you would add a deep breath to it to feel more alive. In addition to feeling better, we slow down and become observants of our thoughts, feelings, other people and that are around us. Moreover, our brain needs to rest in order to process thoughts effectively and come up with solutions to our challenges. It is similar to taking holidays every month which we cannot always do while many of us can afford taking 15 mins of more of our time to slow down and enjoy our favourite tea or coffee, listen to favourite podcast, read few pages of the book or a magazine, observe the world around us or even do a few simple yoga postures to balance our life. Save yourself from feeling tired, overwhelmed, feeling pain in our muscles and less energy in your life. Give yourself some self-love and you will receive love back.

I believe in you and that you’re capable of finding the strength within you to set boundaries with people and to take regular breaks every day to live a happy, full life, even if it means having a cup of a coffee or a few deep breaths.

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